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Paradise Lake

Covering an area of 350ha, Tuyen Lam Lake, also called Paradise Lake, is located about 6km south of Dalat city center. It’s the most beautiful lake in Dalat, which is endowed with pure blue water and stunning surrounding landscape. In addition to various types of tourism such as camping, trekking, kayaking, sightseeing, fishing and so on, a wide range of luxurious hotels make Tuyen Lam become a large-scale tourist site at international level.


In 1930, Farraut, a Frenchman living in Dalat, hired nearly 3,000ha of land (Tuyen Lam Lake now) to farm, mainly raising pigs and chickens, then sheep and cows. During the two wars against the French and American invaders, this place was the most important base of Da Lat revolutionary movement, where the armed forces gathered and trained themselves for the political struggle and armed struggle.

From 1982 to 1987, the Irrigation Department of Lam Dong, which was invested by the Ministry of Irrigation, built a 235m long dam that crossed the Tia stream (Da Trea) to form Quang Trung Lake, later renamed Tuyen Lam Lake. “Tuyen” means stream and “Lam” means forest. That’s the place where the stream, water, and forest meet, creating an incredible picture of beautiful nature.

On August 30th, 1998, the Ministry of Culture and Information recognized Tuyen Lam Lake as a historical-cultural vestige.

You intent to visit Dalat, it's boring that you don't come to Paradise Lake. And don't forget to experience Dalat White Water Rafting and Dalat Canyoning, you will feel excited and relax.


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