Adventure Dalat

Dalat canyoning has something attractive that everyone wants to conquer

Dalat is known as the paradise of resort leading Vietnam tourism. Not only that, this place also brings exciting adventures, Dalat canyoning is the attraction that hardly anyone can resist. Find out soon!

Dalat canyoning has something to make you enjoy

Canyoning - Adventure tours in adventure tours may be a very new concept for visitors.

Dalat Canyoning Adventure Game

Dalat Canyoning Adventure Game

Going to canyoning Dalat, you will discover yourself by climbing down dry cliffs 5 - 16m high under the guide professional training with equipment.

Then, you will be directly to try with water, water slide, rope climbing in the waterfall and free dance, joining the Datanla as the name itself "water flow for the fairies."

Experience Dalat canyoning you can be tired but beyond that feeling, what you rejoice most probably is that you feel that you do things that seem to never be able to do.

Canyoning not only helps you with fear, but it also helps you find the light in your next job as you pass Datanla, overcome yourself and so much more. It's a lot of people involved.

Join the Dalat canyoning to pay attention to what?

There are four things that you pay attention to when joining a canyoning adventure game: health, safety equipment, game rules and guides, and weather.

Prepare good health

Prepare Good Health

  • Consider your health before playing

Dalat canyoning is a thrilling game not intended for people with weak health or who are in the process of recovery.

Most of these games have to make players gong up to deal with high or high speed. Therefore, if the health is not guaranteed, absolutely should not buy tickets to participate in such dangerous games.

  • Pay attention to safety equipment

Observation of the safety equipment of the game canyoning, if feeling abnormal should report to the responsible person to handle in time.

Also, ask again as soon as you are not fully provided with the safety equipment of the game just like other players.

Prepare safe equipment

Prepare safe equipment

  • Compliance with regulations

Be sure to follow the rules of the game as well as the instructor, with canyoning needing life jackets and some necessary equipment.

  • Note the weather

You should find out the weather information at the canyoning site. In bad weather conditions such as thunderstorms, heavy rain or heavy sun, you should leave the opportunity to try feeling strong on the day of good weather and more stable to avoid the unfortunate incident.

With the above mentioned, hope that will help you have more useful knowledge when joining canyoning Dalat.


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