Easy Rider Tours in Dalat

Dalat Easy Riders

    Here are some questions we usually have and you may want to know about our "Dalat Easy Riders tours".

    What does the term "easy riders" mean?

  The term “Easy Riders” originally comes from a famous American film name Easy Rider (1969), which tells the storyDalat easy rider of two bikers traveling through south and west American.

    Easy Rider was considered as a landmark counterculture film bringing some social issues to a focus, such as freedom, individuality, drug use, the end of an era, and man’s search for meaning. The entire film is full of amazing shots illustrating the vastness, splendor, and diversity of America.

    Dalat Easy riders is a “Should Do” tour in Dalat, the guide will take you by touring motorbike to wherever you want to discover, your next trip’s destinations and also carrying all of your luggage in the back of the motorbike.

    Why I chose  Easy riders motorbike tour in Dalat, Vietnam?

     Traveling by motorbike, in our opinion, is the best way to enjoy the beauty of nature and the smell of our planet. What you see when sitting in a car is just like what you see on a TV. Whereas, you are absolutely in contact with the landscape when riding on a motorbike. You are going to discover what Vietnam really is through local lifestyles, customs, traditions, and architecture, all of which are “the blast from the past”, that's the reason why you should try motorbike tours in Dalat, Vietnam.

    What kind of bike do we use for Dalat easy riders tours?

   We usually use 150cc touring motorbikes, which means you are going not too fast but never too slow. Those bikes have luggage racks, so there is no need to worry about your luggage. The saddle is also big enough for you to sit comfortably no matter how heavy you are.

   Can I drive motorbike myself?Easy rider Dalat

   Normally, the answer is no because the traffic in Vietnam is too crazy to ride a motorbike for the “first time trying”. If you have got experience, the answer is then yes.

    Where will we eat and sleep?

  We always try the meet our customer’s needs and wants. Therefore, local Vietnamese restaurants, hotels, resorts are the first choices. However, we will happy to satisfy your requirements if you have a special diet or accommodation.

    How is our Dalat easy rider team?

    Our tour guides are all professional bikers with decades of experience in guiding tourists in easy rider tours in Dalat, Vietnam. Their knowledge gains more and more after every single trip. While the young guides are open-minded, enthusiastic, and out-going, the old guides are gentle, careful, wise and understanding.

    What’s included and not included?

   All easy rider tours include tour guides, motorbikes with gasoline, high-quality helmets, knee and elbow pads, drinking water, all entrance fees, accommodation and travel insurance.

   Food and personal expenses are excluded.