Adventure Dalat

Dalat canyoning – A very attractive tour of crossing canyons and abseiling

Dalat canyoning is a best attractive tour of crossing canyons and abseiling currently chosen by many tourists. Experiencing the new and adventurous things is the special feature of the tour that you should try. To know more about Dalat canyoning, please refer to the following article!

How is the interesting of Dalat canyoning?

Canyoning Dalat is an adventure game of waterfall sliding which shows the endurance of the participants. Although the game has been around for a long time, Canyoning has never been "hot" to adventure enthusiasts.

Dalat canyoning – An adventure game of waterfall sliding

Dalat canyoning – An adventure game of waterfall sliding (illustrative photo)

Six waterfalls are six completely different challenges. From the first dry waterfall with a height of 12m, which for you to get acquainted, to the semi-dry waterfall with a height of 25m you will enjoy the torrent of water, break with the ice slide in a completely natural way. Then you will have to face the challenge as the slippery as well as the powerful water pours into your head causing you to lose direction. Next is the game of free jump at 11m high, and finally the immersion in the swirling waters known as Washing Machine ...

5 hours in this game is a journey of inner strength, forgetting the fear, overcoming the majestic waterfalls with the strength and bravery of yourself,and through that you will see a beautiful Da Lat in new moments that few people have.

Journey of Canyoning Dalat

Rappelling rope over the waterfall, also known as Canyoning Dalat, is one of the most adventurous Dalat tours that allow you to explore the secrets of wilderness - explore yourself endlessly when crossing the swift flow of water, soaking in the clear blue water, rappelling rope down the cliffs, slipping along the water flow, swimming and trekking through the forest..…

Canyoning Dalat experiences

Canyoning Dalat experiences (illustrative photo)

Be specialized climbing equipment (belt, safety lock, climbing rope, helmet, life jackets, gloves, ...), along with the dedicated guidance and assistance of guides, you will have the opportunity to conquer nature - conquer yourself, overcome challenges and enjoy an exciting, meaningful and fulfilling travel experience.

At the actual rappelling rope location, you'll have 45 minutes to learn how to use equipment such as how to set rope, how to swing down cliffs, how to fall and how to stand.When the tour guide is satisfied that you can do it, you will conquer the first wall:

  • Enjoy the first dry cliff with the height of 18 meters.
  • Jump into the water freely with the distance of 4m and enjoy the massage services of water.
  • Climb the second dry cliff with the height of 15 meters, and freely swim at the waterfall 15m.
  • Drop yourself freely under the water and join the slide down the waterfall at a height of 5m.
  • Picnic lunch (bread, cheese, fruit, vegetables, jam, water, etc.)
  • Crossing the real cliff with the height of 25 meters.
  • Freely jump from the height of 6m to 11m.
  • The last hardest cliff with the height of 16m is affectionately called the WASHING MACHINE.

Canyoning Dalat is the most interesting adventure in Vietnam and this tour is reviewed Dalat Canyoning from Tripadvisor. What are you waiting for? Let youth be the experience, live with your passion.

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