Adventure Dalat

Do you want to conquer the grandeur of nature? Enjoy canyoning dalat tours

Canyoning dalat brings you a whole new experience. Unlike normal travel, you will be overwhelmed by a series of exciting challenges nature?

Canyoning - Challenge yourself, do you dare?

Dalat canyoning is an adventure game of waterfall sliding which shows the endurance of the participants. Although the game has been around for a long time, Canyoning has never been "hot" to adventure enthusiasts.

Swing down cliffs 15m high

Before you have to wear protective gear, listen carefully to the instructions and do some exercises first. At the cliff height of 15m, you will perform the rope down the cliff. Below the water, you will swing down and drop yourself underwater. At such altitude, you need to be ready to face the danger, but do not worry too much because guides are everywhere.

Win your fear of height when climbing the falls

Win your fear of height when climbing the falls

Dive on the zip-line

The feeling of floating on the zip-line is not just fear but happiness. Because you will float in the air, beneath the waterfall and forest. Fear that if falls are dangerous to life, But excitement because feeling like it is flying in the sky, watching the whole scene.

Water skiing

Once you've landed safely on the zip-line, you'll continue to enjoy the pleasure of playing water slides. You can play alone, two people or a whole group of people. Winter will be more fun, because screaming together will lessen the feeling of fear.

Swing down the 25m waterfall

It seems like this is the most attractive part of canyoning dalat. Listening to the 25m height is fascinating, but not everyone is excited about this play. In this game, sellers will walk on the rocks with the torrential flow of water, cool but sometimes cold to scary. You dive into the water with the guidance of the guide. Does anyone have the courage to dance?

You will want to experience more after playing

You will want to experience more after playing

Jumping down the wall "washing machine"

Getting to the "washing machine" is the journey of dalat canyoning ended. Why is the "washing machine" wall? This is where the water curves, submerge you, rotates you several rounds and pushes you out of what the washing machine is doing. But what about "washing"? You will feel very excited!

Canyoning dalat tours will be an experience with many emotions for those who love to explore. Experience it right away.

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