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Thrilling games in Dalat: Canyoning and White Water Rafting

When choosing to participate in adventure games in Dalat such as: dalat white water rafting, dalat canyoning. You need to know some things to keep yourself and others safe.

What is Canyoning Dalat tours?

As the name of the program, we have temporarily translated canyoning is a tour of the waterfall. But to better understand, canyoning is a travel activity in the canyon that uses a variety of techniques for outdoor activities such as walking, bouncing terrain, jumping freely, swinging down waterfalls and cliffs, swimming.

You will have to use special skills but be assured, our professionally trained guides will teach you how to use safety equipment, wire rope techniques, the waterfall ... and how you overcome yourself when confronted with the challenge.ding on water level and your nerve.

Canyoning - adventure game in Dalat

Canyoning - adventure game in Dalat

When you experience canyoning dalat you need to note the following 10 important things:

  • Do not go under 5 people
  • Do not separate groups
  • Do not wear slippery shoes when climbing
  • Do not wear a wide variety of accessories or skirts
  • Always follow the tour guide
  • Should be accompanied by a local person
  • Do not climb the nightfall
  • Vaccines and insect repellents
  • Bring food and water
  • Do not carry too many items

Because of the adventurous nature of the game, once people get involved, people need to prepare themselves for certain knowledge to ensure their safety.

And the special thing that anyone should remember when joining canyoning dalat. Be concerned about your health before joining in particular falls and other adventure games in general

What is the White water rafting?

White water rafting dalat is a sport that has been imported from abroad into Vietnam for more than a decade, showing the spirit of desire and the will to conquer the mother nature that people want to be conquered.

Therefore, to ensure safety when playing White water rafting Dalat should note the following:

Make sure the boat is just enough to ensure the safety of the player

Make sure the boat is just enough to ensure the safety of the player

  • Steam pump

Need to pump the two sides equally to the boat balanced in the water, easy to control and not wobbling, help you cross the waterfall safer.

  • Protective equipment

The necessary protective equipment includes life jackets, helmets, specialized boots, elbow and knee protectors.

In particular, wear protective equipment tightly, avoid the case when the impact of protective equipment to slip out.

  • Ability to jump

Be prepared for basic skills when crossing rapids, and understand the characteristics of each stream.

Ability to handle dangerous situations.

  • The ability to handle dangerous situations

When crossing the rapids, you must keep calm, listen to the guidance of the instructor. This time is the most important time, whether to overcome or not due to the calm and strong of each member. And do not forget to paddle despite any circumstances.

Canyoning and White water rafting are adventurous games in Dalat. Please travel to Dalat to experience these games. Wish you have a happy and safe trip.

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