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Elephant waterfall

Where is "Elephant waterfall" located ?

Elephant waterfall, also called Liêng Rơwoa waterfall, islocated in Nam Ban town, Lam Ha district, about 25km far from the city center of Dalat. This dramatic fall is 30m high and 40m wide, with a block of stones like elephants at its foot.


What is "Elephant waterfall" legend ?

The name of the fall originated from a legendary love story. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman named, the daughter of Jơ Biêng people’s chieftain. She was beloved by all of wild animals thanks to her charming voice and kindness. The son of nearby tribe’s chieftain, a strong and courageous man, fell in love with her. They soon promised to knot the tie, but the man had to fight enemies on the battlefield. Time flew by and he did not return. Being deep in pain and sorrow, the woman came to the mountain where they used to give each other beautiful promises. She started to sing in a hope of bringing him back. A flock of birds, very touched by her voice, flew away to find him for her. Unfortunately, he was sacrificed on the battlefield. She could not believe it and still singing, until she passed away. Listening to her voice for so long and feeling sad for her, the whole block of elephants fossilized at the foot of the mountain. Feeling sorry for them, the God of the mountain cried a lot during several days. His tears turned into a stream to console them. Since then, the fall has had the name “Elephant waterfall”.

The waterfall was recognized as a national-level beauty-spot in 2001. Nowadays, it is a very attractive destination for domestic as well as foreign tourists. Lots of couples have also chosen this place to take their wedding albums.

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