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My memorable day with Dalat Canyoning

Datanla is a famous waterfall in Da Lat. Waterfall has a spectacular sight of wild animals attracting a lot of tourists to visit. There are also many tour and experience tours organized by travel service units. Highlights include Dalat Canyoning - swinging a rope over Da Lat Waterfall. My day with dalat canyoning is really memorable. And I want to share, so readers will have a more useful experience when choosing this journey at Datanla.

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Ready for Dalat Canyoning journey

Ready for Dalat Canyoning journey

Our group started to depart from the central city of Dalat at about 8 am. Across the foggy valleys, we arrived at Datanla Falls - the place where canyoning dalat took place.

Here, we are guided by the tour operator on basic techniques, how to handle situations to ensure a safe game.

Besides, they also gave us some specialized equipment such as belts, helmets, life jackets, ropes, etc.

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Cross the waterfall gorge

First, after mastering the extraction and speed control skills under the guidance of the tour guide, we experienced the challenge of going down from the vertical dry cliff at an altitude of 18m. The feeling of throwing myself from the air and landing safely is great.

After that, we went deeper into the rocky alleys. The next challenge is a standing waterfall 15m high. It seems that the difficulty multiplies twice compared to the last time. But not! That is nothing. Because there are even more spectacular transgressions with a height of up to 25m that we must overcome.

The unlimited challenge with Dalat Canyoning

The unlimited challenge with Dalat Canyoning

Imagine you planted yourself in the air from such a height, in the midst of the water flowing like a meander, like a pattern that makes you unable to open your eyes and breathe ... Although fully equipped with life jackets and safety belts all but ... scary! Sometimes I thought I was "dead and alive". I also want to give up halfway. But ... the spirit of teamwork, the will to win and the desire to conquer the waterfall, challenge me... has pulled me through all. For now, when I think about it, I suddenly smiled proudly, because not everyone is confident enough to join dalat canyoning tours and be patient to the end of the journey.

Our 1 day with canyoning dalat ends when the sky is dark when all are tired. This is my memorable experience.


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