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White water rafting in Dalat: Great fear or fantastic feeling?

White water rafting in Dalat is one of the great adventure tours in Lam Dong. It is the challenging activity because you will experience a lot of different emotions and have to try and make a lot of effort when enjoying it. Also, this tour will bring tourists happiness is difficult to describe in words.

Dalat white water rafting with many challenges

Dalat white water rafting is not for the “faint-hearted”. It is for people like adventure travel, experience yourself and conquer the nature. There are many destinations for people interested in exploring the land of peace or beauty such as Valley of Love, Da Lat Railway Station, Lam Vien Square, Tuyen Lam Lake, flower field… In contrast, white water rafting is the “activity” for people want to travel adventure.

 White water rafting in Dalat

White water rafting in Dalat

White water rafting Dalat is the activity requires high teamwork, so it is great if you travel with your friends. But it’s not a matter if you travel alone, you can still find your new friends after enjoying this activity. Each team of 2 to 6 people will sit on a raft, take a paddle and cross the waterfall and melt into wild nature.

It is not excessive to say that this game requires great courage in the player. Because the majesty of the waterfall has caused many people fear, not to mention the white-water rafting with white foaming water. The constant flow of water and a bumpy river made the raft go away as if there is nothing to stop it. The flow of water is great, you can not control your raft so it floated unsteadily and hastily with no stops.

Raft flipping is a very common and probably it will happen to everyone at least once. Raft flipping, how many tourist are brave enough to continue their tours?

Win the waterfall or win yourself?

Those give up will not be able to understand the feeling of fantastic at the end of the white water rafting Dalat tour. It is the feeling of victory, of conquering nature, the feeling when you overcome all difficulties in this life when you persevere and try your best. Victory - it's a great feeling but the best is the journey to victory.

The feeling in victory

The feeling in victory

The road to success has many difficulties in physical and emotion but also interesting and great things can not be found in peaceful places. It is a fierce scream when the rift come near to stones, the team together helps a member in trouble, adventuring on the river without stops, enjoying beautiful scenery on the banks of the river.

The life has a lot of difficulties and challenges like the Dalat white water rafting. So, do you have enough the strength and will to overcome? To know the answer, please enjoy this activity. Give up is failure and continue to succeed!

You intend to visit Dalat, it's boring that you don't come to Paradise Lake. And don't forget to experience Dalat White Water Rafting and Dalat Canyoning, you will feel excited and relax.


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