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Chicken Village

Chicken village, located in Hiep An commune, Duc Trong district, is15km far from the city center of Dalat. The village has been famous for the 3.2-meter-high and 8-ton-heavy statue of 9-spur chicken which is not only the symbol of the village but also the place where villagers gather after their harvests. They would hold parties, play Gong and pray for a peaceful and prosperous life. The statue also plays as a reminder to abolish outmoded traditions, creating a better future for all couples in the village. In those days, according to the people here, a girl left the village, going to the mountains to find the 9-spur chicken, the gift demanded by the boy’s family. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find that chicken and so didn’t return because she would not able to marry the person she loved. Soon afterward, the villagers discovered her dead body on the mountain. Feeling compassion for the girl, the villagers built a wooden statue of 9-spur chicken which was then rebuilt with concrete.


Besides the giant chicken, houses on the pine trees, which seem to appear only in the story of forest guy Tarzan, would appeal to visitors. These tree houses always come top in the tourists’ list of choices if they stay here overnight. From the house, you can overlook evergreen rice fields and enjoy the feeling of living in the wilderness like the true forest of Tarzan, and wake up in the voice of birds greeting a new day.

In addition, the traditional brocade weaving of the K'Ho ethnic minority people is also an attracting point when coming to Chicken village. With more than 60 handmade weaving looms, this traditional job has not only supplied essential items for villagers but also became a unique cultural beauty of Lam Vien plateau.

You intent to visit Dalat, it's boring that you don't come to Paradise Lake. And don't forget to experience Dalat White Water Rafting and Dalat Canyoning, you will feel excited and relax.


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