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Experiment a Canyoning in Dalat half day tour

Nature doesn’t only supply to the human many natural landscapes with marvelous and peaceful beauty but also give us so many beautiful but violently attractions that make us want to fight against those challenges, for example, Canyoning in Dalat. So, if you are interested in adventure sports, why don’t you make a Canyoning Dalat half day tour?

What is Canyoning in Dalat half day tour?

For many people, Dalat is “the land of thousands of flowers” with so many kinds of flowers as rosy, sunflower, daisy, etc flourishing on all over the hills; which makes this city have a peaceful beauty and become an ideal destination for couples in Vietnam and other countries. So, maybe what they still don’t know about Dalat is that beside the visits to tranquil and beautiful natural landscapes, this land offers them a lot of adventure activities thanks to its possession of waterfalls and river with strong and intense currents, one of those activities is Dalat Canyoning.

Canyoning in Dalat

Canyoning in Dalat

You can understand simply that Canyoning in Dalat is a sport of exploring a canyon by engaging in such activities as rappelling, rafting, and waterfall jumping. So, a Dalat Canyoning half day tour is the tour in which includes many activities challenging your abilities, stamina, and limitations.

Dalat Canyoning is an interesting tour but we just offer you a half day tour instead of a full day tour due to its characteristics. In view of the fact that Canyoning in Dalat is an adventure sport that you have to try hard to do it and will be exhausted in a short time, so to ensure your safety and the tour’s quality, a half day tour is the best option. You can use the rest of your tour-day to discover the hidden beauty of Dalat, it sounds interesting, isn’t it?

What do you need for a Dalat Canyoning half day tour?

Before choosing a Dalat Canyoning half day tour as a part of your trips to Vietnam, you should search for information about this type of tour as much as possible. Here, we will give you some useful highlights:

  • If you have some problems with your health, please consider o get advice from your doctors to prevent all of the unwanted situations during your Canyoning in Dalat. You should remember that although in your tour, there are tour guides accompanying you to guide and observe you, they aren’t able to take care of you in case of you have some health problems.

Experiment a Canyoning in Dalat half day tour

  • The equipment that you will use in Dalat Canyoning half day tour provided by the company in which you booked a tour, so you don’t have to prepare them anymore.
  • In the tour-day, you shouldn’t bring a lot of money, valuable items like camera, jewelry, etc to prevent theft or lost during your Dalat Canyoning tour because you can’t look at them all the time.
  • Listen and do exactly what your tour guide says to you in the tour to ensure your safety, too.

If you love nature, cool streams and a sense of adventure, don’t forget to do “Dalat canyoning”, a great way to bathe under the blue water, enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the waterfall and get your adrenaline going.


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