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The canyoning Dalat tour is a popular adventure sport for foreign and Vietnam tourists. With the help of dedicated guides, you will have the opportunity to conquer nature - conquer oneself, overcome the challenge and enjoy an enjoyable day. meaning and experience...

What is Canyoning?

Canyoning Dalat is an activity where you have to overcome your own feelings by working in conjunction with specialized international instructors and equipment. Canyoning - drifting water in rough terrain and you need to walk, swim, climb, jump and slide in streams, rapids.

You will have to use special skills but be assured, our professionally trained guides will teach you how to use safety equipment, wire rope techniques, the waterfall ... and how you overcome yourself when confronted with the challenge.ding on water level and your nerve.

Experience Canyoning - the only adventure sport in Dalat Vietnam

Experience Canyoning - the only adventure sport in Dalat Vietnam

The finale is the "washing machine", a blind abseil into a narrow slot, dropping you into a pummelling fall. Once you are in there only one way out. Dropping the last few meters, you are pushed for a which-way-is-up rinse before being spat out into the pool below.

The full option adds a zipline-style descent into a pool and an abseil on an impressive 25-m fall. 

Schedule canyoning tour in Da Lat

  • Equipment, instruction, and practice. Pick up and pick up at the hotel and transfer to Datanla waterfall. At the training camp, you will be equipped with: safety helmet, belt hook, gear reducer, life jackets, and gloves; Guided the use of safety equipment. In particular, you will practice wire rope and air handling skills. Our guides will also follow you throughout the course of the game.
  • Wall 15m. Once you have done all the work, you will begin to swing down the first cliff about 15 meters high and drop yourself into the water below. At each cliff, we arrange guides both at the top and bottom to support you in the best way.
  • Zip-line. From here, you will float on the zip-line across cascades and woods. This will give you a feeling of excitement.

100m zip-lining on the crazy canyoning tour

100m zip-lining on the crazy canyoning tour

  • Waterslide. Continue to walk in the jungle along the water with the open nature to the water slide area. You can slide alone, slide two people, slide the group ... and slide multiple times on the absolute natural slide.
  • Wall 25m. After lunch, you will perform the most spectacular part of the program: swing down the waterfall 25m high. You will walk on the rock with the flow of water on the cooler and let yourself jump to the water with the dedicated guidance of our staff.

How to do “Dalat Canyoning” safety?

  • Free jump. You will have two options: jump freely from a height of 7m or from a height of 11m for those who like to feel stronger. This challenge requires courage, but it also gives you a great feeling.
  • Wall "washing machine". This is the final cliff and also the most distinctive cliff. As the name "washing machine", the water here curled, submerged you, turn you several rounds and push you out. Be prepared to scream!
  • Move up to the parking lot. End program.

In Vietnam, only Dalat, you can experience Dalat canyoning tours. With many adventurous challenges, you will experience many different levels of emotions. We are sure you will be satisfied with this game.

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