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Join the rowing boat "sneak". Why not ?

Rowing rafting or white water rafting in Dalat is a lot of people involved and interested. However, there are still some people who go by "go" instead of buying tickets that cause more danger.

The activities of rowing boat crossing the falls

Dalat white water rafting is a sport that has been imported from abroad into Vietnam for more than a decade, showing the spirit of desire and the will to conquer the mother nature that people want to be conquered.

Boating crossing the falls

Boating crossing the falls

The journey begins with levels of Rafting varying from Level I to Level IV with challenging and full of fun.

Conquering mother nature will be different from the original fun from level IV to grade I will bring you many different feelings from fear to excitement, from anxiety to pleasure, from zero Know how to overcome the waterfall as well as yourself.

Experience the increasing difficulty of joining the rapids

Experience the increasing difficulty of joining the rapids

You will be instructed in the skills and equipment necessary for the journey such as life jackets, helmets, paddle and an indispensable tool in the journey is the boat raft and water bag To protect important items for you like camera, phone, money ....

Some visitors instead buy tickets to participate in the game, ensure equipment and have guides only buy tickets to the gate.

The first "sail" rafting was a non-observance of regulations and more importantly would be extremely dangerous to our lives.

Therefore, to ensure safety when playing white water rafting Dalat should note the following:

Make sure the boat is just enough to ensure the safety of the player

Make sure the boat is just enough to ensure the safety of the player

  • Steam pump

Need to pump the two sides equally to the boat balanced in the water, easy to control and not wobbling, help you cross the waterfall safer.

  • Protective equipment

The necessary protective equipment includes life jackets, helmets, specialized boots, elbow and knee protectors.

In particular, wear protective equipment tightly, avoid the case when the impact of protective equipment to slip out.

  • Ability to jump

Be prepared for basic skills when crossing rapids, and understand the characteristics of each stream.

Ability to handle dangerous situations.

Need to have the skills to ride and handle situations when participating in the game

  • The ability to handle dangerous situations

When crossing the rapids, you must keep calm, listen to the guidance of the instructor. This time is the most important time, whether to overcome or not due to the calm and strong of each member. And do not forget to paddle despite any circumstances.

Have a great White Water Rafting Dalat experience with the above mentioned notes.

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