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Doing white water rafting in Dalat - what to bring?

You are going to visit Dalat and want to experience Dalat white water rafting because of its attraction? But you don’t get enough information related to this type of adventurous tour? So, why don’t you reading out article to know what to bring when doing white water rafting in Dalat?

Shorts, T-shirts, shoes or sandals

When travelling to somewhere, many people want to wear their most beautiful clothes, especially the girls. Most of them like baby doll dress o the girly one with their face made up beautifully. It’s understandable because all of girls in the world want to become lovelier and keep eachin their trip by nicest photos.

White water rafting in Dalat

White water rafting in Dalat

But if you are a girl and want to do white water rafting in Dalat, forget all of your dress and girly clothes! It is an adventurous trip, so all you need is shorts, T-shirts, shoes or sandals! When you face to the flowing waterfall or rugged river, your beautiful clothes can’t help you with anything, even they can drive you into danger. In other side, we think that an adventurous tour as the white water rafting in Dalat should accompanywith a dynamic and sporty appearance, so you don’t worry that you will look like ugly. When you wear the simplest clothes, you are still beautiful, we can ensure that.

A set of dry clothes and flip-flops to change into after your trip

Of course, after doing a tour of white rafting in Dalat, you will get wet and can’t wear your clothes which you wear during the tour any more. So, you need to bring a set of dry clothes and flip-flops to change into after your trip.

Now, you can wear anything you like as a dress, high heels, etc to continua your trip because after doing white water rafting, you will visit some nice places in Dalat. You should remember that Dalat is a poetic and romantic city of Vietnam, so don’t forget to take some beautiful pictures on the perfect background that this city offers you. And nothing is more perfect than at the same trip, you can try many style, from a dynamic girl a sweet one, isn’t it?

A set of dry clothes and flip-flops to change into after your trip

A set of dry clothes and flip-flops to change into after your trip

In general, we can say that all you need to bring if you want to do a tour of white water rafting in Dalat is clothes (or some personal belongings if you need). Maybe you can be surprise and have some questions as “Solo clothes are enough?” “What about food and drink?” or “I want to take some pictures about my trip to keep it as memory and show it to my friends, need I take a camera?”, etc. Our answer is that you don’t need to bring any thing more as camera, food and drink because we will help you prepare all of them. In other words, all you need to do to take part in a tour of Dalat white water rafting is booking a tour, waiting, preparing some personal belongings (clothes are the main) and enjoying your trip.

You intend to visit Dalat, it's boring that you don't come to Paradise Lake. And don't forget to experience Dalat White Water Rafting and Dalat Canyoning, you will feel excited and relax.


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