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White water rafting Dalat on Da Don river

White water rafting Dalat is a game that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. If you have a chance to come to Da Lat, do not miss this exciting game! Do you know where to play this game?

Da Don River - where the game of boat rafting falls

Da Don River is a section of Da Dang river flowing through the district of Lam Ha. From Da Don bridge to Nang Nung A, the 12 km long river with many rapids will be an inspiration for travelers who love adventure. Are you ready to explore the unspoiled but unspoiled river cruise on your waterfalls?

Rafting - a great experience on the Da Don river

Rafting - a great experience on the Da Don river

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The rocky, rocky has been eroded over the course of five months. When sitting on a boat across the river visitors will feel adventurous, challenging but still safe. The boat floated up on the rapids to welcome the waves mixed with water and mixed signals to the rhythm of rowing river that became quietly empty.

Traveling season in Da Don River begins in the rainy season and ends at the shallow water. You should arrange the time to go to Da Don in the most ideal time so that the game becomes more exciting than ever.

Emotional feelings when the boat rafting in the Da Don River (Da Lat)

Rowing on the river is silent for those who have not had the experience of being so hard, boating on the falls, even experienced people still can not promote. The feeling of sitting on the boat myself cannot control both excitements but also very afraid. It is a game but everyone must be the strength to row and fight against the water that is wanting to flush people in the four sides.

White water rafting tours in Dalat

White water rafting tours in Dalat

The most dreaded passage is the 6-meter-high and 12-meter-high vertical waterfall. How much water falls, the greater the amount of water and pressure that falls down. But at that moment, the feeling of jumping from the waterfall to the fountain is so intense, although before that you may have to fight very violently do not know whether to continue or to give up?

Having overcome the waterfall, all the team will be diving in deep red color basalt soil. The journey does not end there, players will have to find their boat, continue to attack the flow is rumbling white foam blush.

Overcoming difficulty, to reach the steep river, players and teammates will slowly sail slowly. The feeling now is the feeling of victory, not only wins the river but also wins itself. Just happy, happy, just release the soul to see the scenery of two rivers beautiful and peaceful. Huge mountains of coffee, alternating rows of straight corn is playing flag, the house is unclear show up between mountains, the girls playing in the river ... how simple and peaceful life.

Dalat white water rafting is an adventure game that travelers should experience when traveling through Dalat. Experiences of tourists after doing "Dalat white water rafting" are the most important thing that we hope our tourists to deserve !

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