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Canyoning Dalat - are you brave enough to enjoy it yet?

When choosing to participate in adventure games in Dalat such as dalat white water rafting, dalat canyoning… They attract a lot of tourists every year. You need to know some things to keep yourself and others safe. Dalat canyoning is a very interesting adventure game held in Datanla Waterfall. The following article will help you see your own courage.

What is Canyoning?

Currently, in Vietnam, only in Da Lat is a place where you can experience canyoning - this adventure sport, and you can only join the registration through tours of the travel agent.

Doing canyoning dalat is a new experience for you because it is the underwater adventure game. You can explore the natural beauty yourself through the adventure games such as trekking in the forest, swinging rope, wading streams, crossing ... with specialized equipment. It is still strange to young people, but the safety has been verified and guaranteed absolutely with a team of professional guides, so this can be an enjoyable and memorable experience for those who Like to conquer as well as experience the adventurous challenge.

Dalat is known to tourists for adventure games

Dalat is known to tourists for adventure games

Good courage and health - visitors need to equip Canyoning Dalat

Before you begin to experience the Dalat canyoning tour, you will be instructed to practice, using the necessary equipment such as hooks, life jackets, helmets, gloves, gear reducer, ... and above all. This is the practice of rope swing, aerial manipulation to handle situations that may occur. Tour guides will also accompany you during your next trip, and follow you to ensure maximum safety.

During your trip you will have to wade through the streams, dense woods of Datanla to reach the early waterfalls that are almost unknown. You will need to wear safety gear such as helmets, buckles, gloves, belts, life jackets ... before joining over these falls. You will experience the swing down the waterfall, but first, you should challenge at a height of 12m to get used to the waterfall falls over 25m.

You are brave enough to enjoy this game

You are brave enough to enjoy this game

There are still two real challenges that will bring you strong feelings at the end of the journey waiting for you to conquer. You will be free Jump on a 7m or 11m high cliff, the same place is called the washing machine wall, where you will be rotated by the water, press Sink and push you out, you will know how the feeling in the "washing machine" will be interesting.

Top 10 important things that you acheived after doing canyoning dalat

At least 5 peoples group in canyoning tours

At least 5 peoples group in canyoning tours

  • Do not go under 5 people
  • Do not separate groups
  • Do not wear slippery shoes when climbing
  • Do not wear a wide variety of accessories or skirts
  • Always follow the tour guide
  • Should be accompanied by a local person
  • Do not climb the nightfall
  • Vaccines and insect repellents
  • Bring food and water
  • Do not carry too many items

Because of the adventurous nature of the game, once people get involved, people need to prepare themselves for certain knowledge to ensure their safety.

And the special thing that anyone should remember when joining dalat canyoning tours. Be concerned about your health before joining and other adventure games in general.

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