Adventure Dalat

Experience Dalat Canyoning and what visitors should keep in mind

Canyoning dalat is an adventure game for young people, adventure lovers. Make sure you have absolute safety, along with careful preparation. Refer to the following article for more useful information.

Experience Canyoning Dalt - the only extreme sport in Vietnam

Dalat canyoning is the only adventurous swinging sport in Vietnam where you can discover the natural beauty yourself through adventurous games such as trekking in the forest, swinging a rope, wading streams, crossing ... with specialized equipment. Although still unfamiliar to young people, but the safety has been verified and absolutely guaranteed with a team of professional guides, so this can be an interesting and memorable experience for those who Like to conquer and experience adventurous challenges.

Guests are guaranteed safety when participating in Canyoning tour

Guests are guaranteed safety when participating in Canyoning tour

Canyoning dalat - challenge the player spirit

Dalat Canyoning is an adventure game imported from abroad and explored by many enthusiasts. Different from the peaceful Dalat tours, you will experience new things and high spiritual challenges.

First, you will perform dry climbing and sliding on the zipline. The dangerous canyons will await you, then slip through the primeval forest without human footprints. Beneath the steep cliff is a stream of white foamed water, cool air rising, making people feel indescribably pleasant.

The second challenge in canyoning dalat tours is that you will be walking through a stretch of forest to reach the higher waterfall. After that, it will be carried out by natural chute, immersed in cold tears.

Winding down a waterfall is a very popular game here

Winding down a waterfall is a very popular game here

Next, you will be walking along the stream through the primeval forest. There will be 2 more cliffs waiting for you ahead with many challenges. And finally a waterfall for you to make a spectacular "throw yourself" into the "washing machine" vortex.

Many feelings mixed together from fear, happiness to screaming out of surprise will make your soul always in a state of "fighting". Courageous, calm and confident can easily overcome canyoning dalat!

Things to keep in mind when taking canyoning dalat

To participate in safe canyoning, you need to be aware of certain things. They will partly guarantee your life as well as those around you:

  • Before joining the journey, you should look to a reputable company for advice.
  • Listen to the guide's instructions.
  • Seriously perform the manipulation and skills that the instructor asks you to practice before starting "adventure".
  • Do not arbitrarily do according to your own discretion, separate the team and not report to the leader.
  • Equip protective equipment to ensure safety for yourself.
  • Always calm, cautious during the process of joining Dalat Canyoning.
  • People with cardiovascular disease and blood pressure do not recommend participating in this game.

Above are the notes for first time players participating in dalat canyoning. Hope you will have a comfortable and safe trip.

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