Adventure Dalat

Adventure "Dalat white water rafting" in the rainy season

Rainy season is a good time to challenge yourself with adventure tours, "Dalat white water rafting" will be an interesting choice for you.

Why should visitors choose the rainy season to experience white water rafting?

During the rainy season, from April to September, Dalat seems to be submerged in a fog, the cold air makes people want to stay at home instead of participating in outdoor activities.

But this is really the right time to take part in exciting adventures. Dalat white water rafting is the best adventure held in the rainy season.

Da Don, the river is located in Lam Ha district, southwest of Da Lat. - The perfect place to challenge your heart with amazing crossings.

Whitewater Rafting - The Best Adventure Must Do in DaLat

Whitewater Rafting - The Best Adventure Must Do in DaLat

Start the journey to conquer white waterfall

Join the "White water rafting Dalat" you need to do is take a paddle and be ready to conquer the exciting things of the wild and wild nature and venture out there.

White water rafting Dalat is a journey of over 10 km, passing through a total of 11 rapids, each with a different degree of difficulty. This is your chance to experience screaming in excitement or a sense of relief when walking through the rapids.

Dalat white water rafting is one of the most exciting challenges for mother nature. Riding on rapids and water walls is not for the weak. Twist, crawl, bend, (and it's just a rubber raft) when you plunge and crash into the next rushing.

Some equipment for white water rafting Dalat

Some equipment for white water rafting Dalat

White water rafting journeys

The flow rate in the rainy season is quite fast and strong. The river is not too deep but rocky. The boat went off, hit the rocks, the rowdy rowers pushed out the boat, then rushed again. Guides require you to fix your feet on the boat to keep your balance and paddle strong forward.

The journey is over 10 km and must pass a total of 11 rapids. Difficulty alternating, so each has very different feelings.

Both rivers are surrounded by valleys, so the shoreline is beautiful and romantic. A lot of coffee farms, mountains filled with cattle, and ethnic minority villages.

White water rafting in Dalat tours gives anyone an experience that will last a lifetime.

Now, it's time to try something new, step out of your comfort zone and be ready for a great, exciting experience.


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