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Dalanta waterfall and Canyoning Dalat game

If you choose Datanla for "Dalat canyoning" you must have certain knowledge about this waterfall. Canyoning dalat is a river crossing, is an adventure game takes place at the Datanla waterfall.

Why is the waterfall named Datanla?

According to legend, Datanla was originally a waterfall where the fairies used to bathe. The waterfall in clear, covered by many layers of trees, so from above looking hard to see the fairies are bathing. The name K'ho for the waterfall is "Da tam n'nha" (local language), translated as "under the water". Later, when the French and the Kinh came here, the word "tam-tam" was transformed into Dátina and now Datanla.

Canyoning experience on Dalanta waterfall

Canyoning experience on Dalanta waterfall

Where is Datanla waterfall in Da Lat?

Datanla Waterfall is not as famous as other places in Dalat such as the Valley of Love, Dreams ... but today many people are interested in it. Visitors to Datanla Waterfall are often those who seek new and adventurous experiences, such as "dalat canyoning".

Datanla waterfall is located near the center of Da Lat city, about 10km from the center, in ward 3. From the center along the national highway 20, down the steep about 300m will reach the falls.

"Canyoning Da Lat" - an interesting game in Datanla Waterfall

At Datanla you have the opportunity to experience the new feeling with adventure games such as mountain slide, kayak, high rope, and canyoning. In which the bridge over the waterfall is a game that attracts a lot of young people in the country and also foreign tourists.

The topography of the 7-story Datanla Waterfall help visitors have experienced different levels of emotions. Visitors are free to swing the line, fall down the cliffs between the waterfall, swift slide cable jump freely ... when standing midway down the mountain, admire the cascade in the air along the plate shape fancy stone.

Experience Canyoning with the team-tremendous power

Experience Canyoning with the team-tremendous power

What is the ideal time to Datanla waterfall?

Unlike all the cities in our country, Dalat is known as a city with many romantic names. Because Da Lat has caused people to come here a deep impression. But for Datanla waterfalls, you should go at the end of the rainy season from November to the end of the 3rd. Because the rainy season is very dangerous, plus the rugged terrain of the falls, visitors who are not careful can be at risk. Moreover, the rainy season is very slippery, and the slideway system will not work.

With the knowledge we have just provided, hope to help you get the basics of Datanla waterfall (canyoning dalat). From there, you will prepare yourself thoroughly to enjoy the journey full of fun.

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