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If you have got so many questions about Dalat canyoning tour or you are interested in this kind of tourism service of our agency, the 8 answers below will clear up all of them.

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How is “Canyoning in Dalat” defined?

Generally, Canyoning means swinging on a rope and across the falls. It is considered to be one of the best ways to explore and conquer nature as well as challenge your heart and your brain. We call it “Canyoning in Dalat” because it will give you a sense of being immersed in the white freshwater. Usually, you will be guided on how to use the rope and equip some must-have facilities to rappel down the dry cliffs or the wet cliffs by a team of professional instructors. Then, you can jump off the cliff, do water sliding, etc...depending on how you want to challenge yourself.


Is “Dalat Canyoning” popular in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, one of the most suitable places to take a “Canyoning tour” is Da Lat. The Canyoning Dalat tour is one of the most famous activities attracting a lot of tourists thanks to the naturally rugged terrain as well as a wide range of gorges in Da Lat. Therefore, Dalat is known as an ideal paradise for those who are passionate about taking a “swing over the falls - Canyoning in Dalat tour”, and simultaneously, for those who have not experienced this activity and want to try it for the first time.


“Dalat canyoning tour” will take place at Datanla Falls. Before starting this adventure, you will be fully equipped with some necessary protective items including wetsuits, helmets, harnesses, deceleration devices, life jackets, gloves, and so on. In particular, the guide will instruct you on how to use protective equipment safely and solve some technical problems overhead as well as teach you some manipulative skills. Certainly, we assure you that you have completely mastered all the operations before performing "swing over the falls".

How to be allowed to experience “swing over the falls”?

This type of tourism is for those who want to test their courage. However, age is a bit limited. Among thousands of tourists participating in the “swing over the falls - Canyoning in Dalat tour”, the youngest age allowed to experience is 8 years old and the oldest age is up to 70 years old.


In addition to the age group, one of the most important factors to get permission to participate in this activity is to have good health and good physical strength without injury. Especially, people who have asthma or heart disease will be forbidden to join in this activity. Moreover, your weight must be consistent with the type of life jacket which we provide thus we can ensure your safety and bring you a great experience.

Generally, it is not difficult to take the Dalat canyoning tour. You just need to take the courage to deal with nature, you will be much calmer and more confident to experience this exciting activity.  

What do you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT bring for your "Dalat canyoning tour"?

As mentioned above, if you choose our company to experience the “Canyoning in Dalat” tour,  you SHOULD bring with you the following items:

  • A bathing suit and clean clothes to change into after having experienced "swinging over the falls”.
  • Some appropriate pairs of shoes: you should bring some comfortable shoes for different terrains or possibly some sports climbing shoes.
  • Bring a GoPro or a waterproof camera because we will help you capture your beautiful moments when you are experiencing this adventure.

Besides some necessary things to prepare above, you SHOULD NOT bring some items below:

  • Should not bring a lot of money, an expensive smartphone, or precious jewelry.
  • Should not bring sunglasses and a hat.

What is the departure time?

We have the soonest canyoning in the area departs at 8 am to bring a great tour to our tourists, no time for waiting and line up for other groups so that you can experience the full range of activities as well as have more time to relax and share the most interesting moments in your “swing over the falls in Dalat - Canyoning in Dalat tour”.

What is the equipment we provide you during the “Dalat canyoning tour”?

We prioritize our customers’ safety as the priority so all of our equipment always has high quality. They have been imported from France and Singapore with some reputable brands such as Petzl, Singing Rock, Beal, Black Diamond, and so on.


What is your tour guide on the “Dalat Canyoning Tour” like?

Our tour guides are all professional people having so many years of experience in leading Canyoning Dalat tours for individuals or groups. They are not only enthusiastic and friendly but also have an excellent service attitude with the motto: “The customer is King”.

How big is the group?

Because we care about your safety and don't want our guests to line up for a long time. We just do small groups, maximum of 8 people, so you can have less time waiting and more time Canyoning.

What is going on in your “Dalat Canyoning Tour”?

  • There are three abseils: One dry cliff (18 meters)
  • Two wet cliffs:
  • The biggest 25m waterfall (You can do the two times).
  • The Washing machine. 
  • 100m Zipline challenge.
  • Two cliff jumps (7 and 9 meters).
  • Two natural water slidings.
  • 7-kilometer trekking.
  • Free time swimming.
  • Lunch and drinking water.
  • One free beer or coke.
  • Free bicycle for rent if you book any tour with us.

Tour includes guides, transportation, entrance fees, protective equipment, wetsuits, drinks, medical kit, travel insurance, etc.

Price: 65 USD/ PAX.

Canyoning Dalat's practical experiences

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