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Amazing Dalat Canyoning Tour

Dalat Canyoning (Canyoning in Dalat) is one of the best activities for people love nature, adventure, exploration, and climbing in rough and uneven terrain. If you are interested in this kind of tourism, please read following information.

Got great experience

Got great experience

What is “dalat canyoning” tour?

Is one of the most dangerous tours in Dalat, “dalat canyoning” means to “swing on a rope and across the falls”. This activity brings great experience when directly exploring and melting with the wild nature, immersed in the white freshwater, jumping off the cliff, and walking through jungles…

The “dalat canyoning” tour will make those had the experience, or completely unknow this activity satisfy endless fascination with immense forests. With the help and guidance of professional guides, you will be able to win yourself and conquer the wild nature in the safety way.

Across the fall with wet cliffs

Across the fall with wet cliffs

What should you do and should not wear when enjoying the “dalat canyoning” tour in Dalat?

When “swing on a rope and across the falls”, you should prepare the following:

  • An easy-to-wear suit and other outfit to wear after experiencing great activities.
  • Suncream
  • Choose a pair of shoes suit all terrains or choose a pair of sporty shoes to “swing on rope and across the falls”.
  • Fully equipped with some necessary protective items including helmet, harness, deceleration devices, gloves and so on.
  • Waterproof cameras to capture your wonderful moments.

In addition, you should not bring some items below:

  • Should not bring a lot of money, expensive smartphone or precious jewelry.
  • Should not wear glasses or hat.

Great moments with "friends"

Great moments with "friends"

The cost of “dalat canyoning” is expensive or cheap?

The cost of the “dalat canyoning” tour includes fees for: tour guides, transportation, security equipment, entrance, lunch, drinks, picnics, travel insurance... Amazing tour will not be lack of laughter, sharing and unity of all members.

How do you enjoy “dalat canyoning” tour in the safety way?

For the reason of safety, you need to follow the guidelines of the tour guide. Especially, during the tour, no one is free to separate the group or do risky things without the consent. In addition, if you have any problems on your health, you can immediately notify everyone for assistance.

Everything is not easy

Everything is not easy

Where is to book a best “canyoning dalat” tour?

You want to have the best experience with challenging activities, book a tour of Dalat Adventure Tours. You will be enjoyed a challenging and attractive tour:

  • Three abseils: 2 dry cliffs (16 meters and 18 meters)
  • Two cliff jumps (7 meters and 11 meters).
  • Two natural water slidings.
  • 7-kilometer trekking.
  • Free time swimming.

How to book a “Dalat Canyoning” tour?

It is often said that Dalat is the destination of peaceful streets and poetic lakes. But, why you do not experience “Canyoning Dalat” tour to enjoy the nature in a completely different beauty. Please contact us to book a tour:

  • Address: 33 Truong Cong Dinh, Da Lat, Vietnam.
  • E-mail:
  • Hotline: (+ 84) 971 246 128
  • Tel: (+ 84) 2633 510 108

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