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Datanla waterfall

Datanla, surrounded by primeval forests, is located on Prenn pass, about 10km far from the city center and 8km away from Prenn waterfall. There is an abundance of water at the waterfall due to the stable upstream water supply. The fall flows from the 20m-high rapids, creating a pure blue water area downstream, called Fairy Stream. There’s also a deep chasm called Dead Cave at its foot.


Regarding the name of Datanla waterfall, there’s a legend of K’Ho ethnic minority people. In those days, about hundreds of years ago, K’Ho people lived near the waterfall where was soon invaded by Cham people. Fortunately, K’Ho troops discovered a pure stream under the dense forest, where they could have the water supply as well as a shelter from the enemies. Thanks to the waterfall, they were able to take refuge, preserve their force and defeat Cham invaders. Therefore, the waterfall was highly appreciated and given the name “Datanla”, which means “Water under the leaves”. Here also came the fairies to bathe thanks to the hidden pure stream under the evergreen pine forests, according to the legend. The legendary love story between Lang and Biang also started from this waterfall, a dating place for couples.

There’re two ways to get to the waterfall. The first one is to walk through the 200-step stair, taking about 15 minutes. The second one is to take the 1000m-long modern roller coaster, taking just 2 minutes. With 48 double sleds and a capacity of 700 people per hour, there’re no needs to worry about the “traffic jam” on holidays.

If you love nature, cool streams and a sense of adventure, don’t forget to do “Dalat canyoning”, a great way to bathe under the blue water, enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the waterfall and get your adrenaline going.


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