Adventure Dalat

What you need to prepare in Canyoning tours?

Canyoning dalat is one of the most suitable activities for nature lovers, adventure and exploration enthusiasts, trekking in uneven terrain. If you're interested, check out the section below for more.

win the game

Win the game - win yourself

What is the "Dalat canyoning" tour?

As one of the most adventurous tours in Dalat, "Dalat canyoning" is understood to be the "swing of the waterfall". This activity will bring you a great experience when directly exploring, with the wild nature. You can cross the fast flowing water, soak in the clear blue water, swing through the cliffs or walk through the jungle, ...

The "Dalat canyoning" tour promises to make those who have had the experience, or complete knowledge of the activity, be able to satisfy the endless passion of the mountainous forests. With the help and guidance of professional guides, you will be able to win over yourself, conquer the wilderness safely.

Feel each of your emotions through Canyoning

Feel each of your emotions through Canyoning

What do you need to prepare in Canyoning tours?

When the "jump over the waterfall", you should equip yourself with the following tools:

  • An easy-to-wear suit and clean clothes to replace after experiencing great activities
  • Bring a sunscreen
  • Choose shoes that are suitable for all terrains or can choose climbing shoes to experience the "swing of the waterfall" advantage
  • Equipped with protective equipment such as hats, molds, fingerprints, gear reducer,...
  • Carry a waterproof camera to capture great moments

Also, to avoid unintended situations, do not:

  • Do not bring money, phone or expensive jewelry.
  • Do not wear sunglasses or hats.

There are great moments with

There are great moments with "teammates"

What is the cost of this adventure game?

The cost for a full "Dalat canyoning" tour includes: hiring guides, transportation fees, security equipment, entrance fees, lunch, drinks, picnics, travel insurance, etc. Experience the meaning will not be lack of laughter, sharing and unity of the members of the delegation.

How do you experience "Dalat canyoning" safely?

For a safe and enjoyable journey, you need to strictly follow the guidelines published by the tour guide. Especially, during the crossing of waterfalls, there are no members who freely divide the group or do risky things without the consent of the rest. In addition, if you have any health problems, you can immediately notify everyone for assistance.

Speaking of Da Lat, it is said that the sad streets, lakeside dreaming, ... too calm and peaceful. But why do not you refresh yourself, refresh Da Lat with the experience of "swinging to the waterfall" to harmonize with nature, as well as love the city in a completely different wild beauty? Please contact us immediately to book "dalat canyoning".

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