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Langbiang Mountain

Langbiang Mountain, one of the highest mountain in the South of Viet Nam (2167m), is located in Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province, about 12km away from Dalat city center.

The name of the mountain is closely related to a legendary love between Lang, the son of Lach chieftain and Biang, the daughter of Chil chieftain. Their families both lived at the foot of the mountain. They first met when picking up some fruit in a jungle. Biang was accidentally attacked by a fierce pack of wolves. Lang courageously rescued her from them and they then fell in love with each other. However, they could not get married due to the conflict between the two tribes. Overcoming strict custom, they decided to marry and came to live on the top of the mountain. One day, Biang was seriously ill. Lang tried to help her, but her illness seemed not to subside. He then decided to bring her back to the tribe to ask for help. Unfortunately, Chil people tried to kill him with a poisoned arrow when they arrived there. All of a sudden, Biang shielded her husband and she died. Being deep in pain and suffering, Lang cried a lot and died a few days later. His tears turned into a stream, called Dankia now, at the foot of the mountain. After their deaths, Biang’s father realized that he was wrong. Therefore, he called upon other chieftains to unite all the tribes into one, called K’Ho people today.

Nowadays, the mountain becomes a tourist site with lots of activities from sightseeing to adventure like hiking, camping, and so on. Moreover, there’re Jeep cars transporting tourists to the top of the mountain, where they can see the breathtaking view and enjoy some local food.

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