Adventure Dalat

Guide to the discovery of canyoning Dalat - conquering nature for visitors

Dalat is the paradise of vacation and tourism that many tourists love. Coming to Da Lat tour, visitors can discover the pine forests of thousands of trees, the gardens are radiant all year round, and the famous waterfalls ... all created a Da Lat that made people unable to come. go, go and remember. To meet the demand of tourism in Da Lat more and more tourists, Dalat always innovates. Recently, there is an adventure game form that attracts many visitors – Canyoning Dalat. The following article will cover the information and schedule of this game.

Canyoning tour - You should try the experience when coming to Dalat

The excitement shows on the faces of visitors

The excitement shows on the faces of visitors

With the name Canyoning, you can partly imagine the nature of this trip. Dalat canyoning is for those who are passionate about thrills, physical activity, challenging themselves and exploring nature. Datanla resort has many cascades with different heights (7m, 13m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 30m) and many activities with different difficulty levels, you will gradually step out of the safe area. long time and explore yourself.

Climbing dry falls, sliding cascades, and surpassing waterfalls ... all are guaranteed the highest safety based on professional and enthusiastic trainers and international standard protective equipment. A trip is not only different from the form of travel but also an opportunity for you to learn many skills in life. A trip can only last for 6 hours but what remains in you is memories, deep valuable lessons.

A trip with so many emotions: peace in front of nature, fear of facing many challenges and then a feeling of pride in winning yourself to overcome all ...

What experience do you experience?

Canyon: make the most of sensations in canyoning Atanla

Canyon: make the most of sensations in canyoning Atanla

Join an adventure through Datanla Falls as you stroll around the forests. Meet your English speaking guide who will summarize everything you need to know before you go out into the wilderness! Buckle up, wear your life jacket, and start with a straight 18m swing to the river, where you will be led straight to the forest. The next part of the course will help you slide down the rocks and into gentle rapids, where you will float along the water before swimming again down a 25m long waterfall. By the end of the operation, ready to jump into another waterfall at an altitude of 7m and finally conquer the course with once swinging down the 13m high washing machine waterfall thrilling.

Canyoning dalat tour is the only tour you can mix with nature. Games for those who love the feeling of conquering challenges but still ensure absolute safety for you.

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