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How to do “Dalat Canyoning” safety ?

Recently, Dalat also raises adventure games. It attracts millions of tourists each year. Specially,it is the game: Canyoning. The following article will discuss how to play this game safely.

Doing “Canyoning Dalat” tour - Why not ?

Canyoning Dalat can be a pretty dangerous sport so there's a few things you should check out before you go to give yourself the best chance of a safe and fun time. With organised tour groups this stuff will be taken care of for you but it never hurts to have an idea of what to expect.

Dalat Canyoning

Dalat Canyoning

  • What: Take the plunge, both figuratively and literally.
  • Where: Dalat - Vietnam’s central highlands region is located 300 kilometers north of Ho Chi Minh City.
  • When: you can visit Dalat year-round with good temperatures and climate.
  • Canyoning Dalat safety is a tour in canyoning with outdoor activities such as: walking, climbing, swinging down the fall, swimming,…

The way of Dalat Canyoning Safety

The way of Dalat Canyoning Safety

The way of Dalat Canyoning Safety

At the training camp, you will be equipped with: safety helmet, belt hook, gear reducer, life jackets and gloves; Guided the use of safety equipment. In particular, you will practice wire rope and air handling skills.

Once you have done all the work, you will begin to swing down the first cliff about 15 meters high and drop yourself into the water below. At each cliff, we arrange guides both at the top and bottom to support you in the best way.

From here, you will float on the zip-line across cascades and woods. This will give you the feeling of excitement.

After that, you will walk in the jungle along the water with the open nature to the water slide area. You can slide alone, slide two people, slide the group ... and slide multiple times on the absolute natural slide.

You will have two options: jump freely from a height of 7m or from a height of 11m for those who like to feel stronger. This challenge requires courage, but it also gives you a great feeling.

The article mentions how to play adventure games in detai.

And you, do not hesitate, try it !

You intend to visit Dalat, it's boring that you don't come to Paradise Lake. And don't forget to experience Dalat White Water Rafting and Dalat Canyoning, you will feel excited and relax.


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