Adventure Dalat

White water rafting and tours in Dalat

Coming to Dalat, not only you enjoy the cool, peaceful feeling by the poetic scene. You also have the opportunity to experience more Dalat white water rafting. This is a popular game when coming to Dalat. Enjoy the experience!

White water rafting Dalat

White water rafting Dalat in Vietnamese means sailing over the river rapids. This is a form of adventure tourism looking for strong feelings, showing the will and desire to conquer the nature of the player.

Dalat white water rafting adventure game

White water rafting tour in Dalat

The journey takes place on the sloping river and rugged rapids that you and your teammates have to pass together. Dalat is always the capital of Vietnam adventure tourism and if you are planning do not ignore this form of tourism!

This new form of travel is made in the Ba La River, for those who are in good health. Tourists will wear life jackets, helmets, and guided kayaking, windsurfing or whirlpools.

The instructor's guide boat will take the lead for the player's boat. Guests make the journey of three hours, through 11 rapids on the river, experience the feeling of adventure and enjoy the pass difficult paragraphs.

For inexperienced players, the boat can be overturned, it is important to keep calm and always tighten the lifejacket. The cost of this game is about 1.5 million VND per person.

Choose a tour to experience the adventure

Dalanta fall and the adventure games

Dalanta fall and the adventure games

You should use the optional tour to get to the places you like, in accordance with your time and personality.

Datanla Waterfall will be the ideal choice for those who want to take part in the adventure. Situated in the middle of the Prenn Pass, 7km from Dalat city center, Datanla Waterfall is still beautifully preserved.

The water falls down from the rapids and into streams streamed in the rocks, hidden in the currents along the deep and narrow confines between the jungle scattered into a small stream of the waterfall.

Here there are many adventure games such as Dalat canyoning, crossing cliffs, ...

However, currently, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lam Dong province has requested Datanla Dalat tourist resort to stop all tours of the rope swing, over the waterfall in this resort for a variety of reasons. .

With the above sharing, hope to help you have more experience before experiencing the adventure with white water rafting Dalat. However, it is important to ensure safety when joining in order to avoid unfortunate risks.

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