Adventure Dalat

The hidden waterfalls tour 

Discover the beauty of waterfalls on a one-day tour in Dalat. This unique experience allows you to appreciate the beauty of both the well-known tourist waterfalls and the hidden waterfall of Dalat.

In this journey, you can visit:

  • Păng Tiêng Waterfall: Located deep within the forest, reaching Păng Tiêng requires a thrilling 5-kilometer off-road adventure. This hidden gem comprises two waterfalls, one warm water and one cold water, that beautifully merge into one. With its remote location, Păng Tiêng remains relatively undiscovered, offering a peaceful and secluded experience with very few tourists.
  • Elephant Waterfall: A renowned and majestic waterfall in Dalat, known for its impressive size and scenic beauty. Its cascading waters and lush surroundings create a captivating and picturesque setting.
  • Pongour waterfall: We cannot fail to mention the “Nam Thien De Nhat waterfall” of the Southern Highlands - a masterpiece of nature.
  • Datanla waterfall: It is not only known for its natural beauty but also for hosting the longest roller coaster in Southeast Asia. Visitors can experience an exhilarating ride through the lush greenery, adding a thrilling twist to their waterfall exploration.
  • Linh An pagoda.
  • The silk factory.
  • Coffee plantation.
  • Tea plantation.

Drive distance: more than 60 km.

Duration: 8 am - 4 pm.


  • You can choose 4 from 5 waterfalls: Păng Tiêng Waterfall, Ankroet Waterfall, Elephant Waterfall, Pongour Waterfall, and Datanla Waterfall.
  • Transportation: Dirt-bikes.
  • You can sit in the back of a dirt bike or you can drive by yourself.

It's included: Guides, travel insurance, a dirt bike, a helmet, protection gear, and drinking water.

It's excluded: Lunch and personnel expenses.

Price: 65USD/ PAX.