Adventure Dalat

Dalat Easy Riders to the Pongour waterfall option 1

This Dalat easy riders tour takes you to one of the biggest and most beautiful falls in the highland, the Pongour waterfall. In this tour, you can also see:Dalat Easy Riders to the Pongour waterfall option 1

   The weasel coffee farm

The weasel coffee, well-known as Kopi Luwak, is one of the most expensive coffees in a rough world, commonly produces in Southeast Asia. The coffee is made from coffee beans that have been ingested and excreted by Weasel, small cat-like animals.

   The Cable car.

Cable car from Robin Hill to the Zen Meditation is a 2.4 km cover each way. The entire view of Dalat city and the evergreen pine forest is another reason why tourists come here.

   The Zen Meditation.

This pagoda was built with the aim of restoring the Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen school founded by King Tran Thanh Tong. Taking advantage of its good location and beautiful landscapes, the pagoda was designed with a new style of architecture.

   The Paradise Lake.

This beautiful lake is well-known as the lake where rivers, springs, and forests meet. Rated as the biggest lake in Dalat, it's a good idea for camping, kayaking, and picnicking here.

   Datanla or Prenn waterfall.Dalat Easy Riders to the Pongour waterfall option 1 -1

Those two waterfalls are not only two of the most beautiful falls in Dalat but also great destinations tour tourists to discover this area. Both falls have different legends of minority people.

   Mushroom Farm.

Growing mushroom is one of the traditional jobs in Vietnam that have been lasting for thousand years. 

   Chicken village.

The K'ho minority people are among the Southern indigenous tribe people. Used to the slash and burn farmers, they settled here in this area centuries ago. They still mainly speak their indigenous language and keep their traditions and customs.

   Domain the Marrie church.

The design of this church, which has no bell tower, contained plenty of renovation compared to the classic churches in the West. The unique point of this church is that its roofs are similar to the roofs of the communal houses of the Ethnic minority in Central highland.

   Pongour waterfall.

We cannot fail to mention the “Nam Thien De Nhat waterfall” of the Southern Highlands, or Pongour Waterfall - a masterpiece of nature.

Included: Guides, entrance fee, transportation, and drinking water.

Excluded: Lunch, cable car, roller coaster.

Departure time: 8h30 am      Finish time: 4h30pm.

Note: You can also drive a motorbike by yourself, motorbike exercises are also available if needed.

Price: 50 USD/ PAX.