Adventure Dalat

Welcome to the Jungle

 This Dalat Trekking tour helps you to spend one day in one of the deepest jungles of Viet Nam where you will have the chance to enjoy the cool jungle breeze, walk through the vines and foliage in both the evergreen pine forest and the thick broadleaf jungle, learn more about some of the different varieties of Viet Nam jungles. 

How are the distance and grade?

Distance: 15 km.

Grade: moderate to hard.

What is going on?

 The trip starts from Paradise Lake where we can stop for a few minutes at the Zen Meditation Center and do the cable car if desired. After that, we’ll move to a peninsula by boat or by foot (optional) before we go deeper into the real jungle where we will descend and ascend from hills to hills. Cameras should be ready for pictures along the way because sometimes you will see some wild animals roaming for food there.

We’ll finish the trip at the famous Chicken Village where we’ll spend some time learning about the world and lives of the ethnic minority people.

The trip can be done the other way around depending on your desire.

What’s included?

 Guide, all entrance fees, drinking water, picnic lunch, good kayak, transportation, and travel insurance.

Departure time: 8 am.

Finished time:    3 - 4 pm.

Price: 37USD/ Pax.