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 Dalat White Water Rafting 

Your friends and you want to make a trip together and you don’t want that your future tour will be as same as the one of everybody, do you? Don’t worry, we will help you. Have you ever heard about white water rafting Dalat? If not, don’t miss this article as well as miss the chance to discover an interesting activity in Vietnam.

What’s White Water Rafting in Dalat?

You can understand simply that Dalat white water rafting is an outdoor activity which we use an inflatable raft to navigate on a river and this is done on White Water or different level of water. This outdoor activity has become a popular leisure sport since 1950 in the world and up to now, more and more people like this. In Vietnam, white water rafting is not popular, many Vietnamese persons have never tried this type of sport. Therefore, this sport becomes an attraction of Dalat and makes everybody want to try it.

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White water rafting is one of the great adventure tours in Dalat, Vietnam. On this tour, you will not only challenge yourself but also have a chance to discover the rural life of this beautiful country.

Is white water rafting in Dalat dangerous ?

Exciting, thrilling and extremely enjoyable are the most accurate words to describe “white water rafting in Dalat”. Like other adventure sports, of course, there are some risks involved in rafting tour. Those risks are mostly attributed to the excitement, which also the reason why people enjoy rafting at all levels. With years of experience, our guides are able to manage and minimize the risks. Honestly speaking, it’s safer to be in a raft than in a car.

Will I fall out of the boat ? In that case, what should I do ?

Plan “A” is always staying on the boat. In fact, however, lots of people are keen on falling out of the raft. You can feel disoriented and a little overwhelmed at first, but it’s really exciting afterward. Some people have taken several trips and never fallen while some people swim on their first trip. They’re all parts of white water rafting in Dalat.

How fit should I be to go white water rafting in Dalat ?

You should be healthy, can swim and must be able to fit into the life jackets supplied by us. Paddling can sometimes be tiring, but your guides will instruct you how to paddle in the safest way.

What should I bring and wear ?

When doing a "Dalat white water rafting", you should bring something with you such as:

  • Shorts, T-shirts, shoes or sandals.
  • A set of dry clothes and flip-flops to change into after your trip.

How many people fit in a raft ?

Our rafts typically seat six tourists and two guides. This is because we can take better care of you. Of course, we’re sure not to overload them as the matter of safety and social responsibility.

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What's included ?

Guides, transportation, entrance fees, all equipment, lunch and drinking water, free photos and video.

What's going on ?

  • Rafting grade III-IV.
  • 11km rafting (approximately 3.5 hours).
  • 10 rapids.
  • Free jump from 7 or 11m.
  • Countryside attractions if desired (Elephant fall, rice wine making, weasel coffee farm and minority village).

Price: 68 USD/ PAX (group of 2).

61 USD/ PAX (group of 3+).

You have planned to take a trip to Dalt and you want to experience the "Dalat White Water Rafting", it's not enough. Dalat have many different type of expeditional tours like "Dalat Canyoning" tour. Please experience all of them 


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