Adventure Dalat

Dalat city tour 2

  Dalat city tour is the best way for you to discover this beautiful landscape. In this tour, you will see:

1.Langbian mountain

Langbiang mountain is the roof of Dalat city with the height of 2167m. The fame of this mountain comes from not only the beauty of nature but also the legend of a passionate love.


2.The K'ho minority village

The K'ho minority people are among the Southern indigenous tribe people. Used to the slash and burn farmers, they settled here in this area centuries ago. They still mainly speak their indigenous language and keep their traditions and customs.


3.The Golden Valley

Golden Valley with evergreen pine forest, the beautiful Golden lake, fresh air, various kind of flowers and man-made beauty is an ideal place for eco-tourism.


4.The Valley of Love

This romantic landscape has been becoming familiar for both Vietnamese and foreign tourist, with valleys, pine forests, and the beautiful Da Thien lake.


5.XQ embroidery

Dedicated to the traditional hand embroidery, XQ village express the artists feeling with a different color arrangement.


6.The Chinese pagodaDalat city tour 2-6

The most famous things of this Pagoda is three sandalwood statues of Buddhist, original from Hong Kong and the mixed culture and architecture of Vietnamese and Chinese.


7.The weasel coffee farm

The weasel coffee, well-known as kopi luwak, is one of the most expensive coffee in a rough the world, commonly produced in Southeast Asia. The coffee is made from coffee beans that have been ingested and excreted by Weasel, small cat-like animals.


8.The Old railway station

Dalat old railway station is one of the finest architecture in Dalat, largely French style's mixed with the cottage style of the K'ho people from the Central Highlands. The only railway station is now serving the route 7 km long from Dalat to Linh Phuoc Pagoda and Trai Mat town.


9. The Crazy house

Designed by Ms. Dang Viet Nga a Vietnamese architect and impressionist, the idea of this place is people live together with nature, this crazy building is one the of the world’s ten most strange buildings. 

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  • Depart from: 33 Truong Cong Dinh or your hotel.
  • End at: 33 Truong Cong Dinh or your hotel.
  • Start time: 8:30am - Finish time: 4 - 4:30 pm.

 Included: guide, transportation, drinking water, tickets.

 Excluded: the ticket to the Crazy house and lunch. 

Price: 55USD/ PAX.

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