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Best Dalat Canyoning tours 2019

Dalat canyoning (Canyoning in Dalat) is one of the most suitable activities for nature lovers, adventure and exploration enthusiasts, trekking in uneven terrain. If you're interested, check out the section below for more information about Dalat Canyoning tours.

What is Dalat canyoning?

Canyoning dalat tours always carry on their own attraction prominent among the romantic, peaceful of Dalat mountain city. If you are interested in adventure, adventure, discover new things, this is the paradise for you.

Dalat canyoning always brings a strong attraction

Dalat canyoning always brings a strong attraction

Canyoning dalat is understood to be the swing of the waterfall. The adventure game like this is no stranger to foreigners. But to the Vietnamese, it is too new. However, Dalat canyoning has attracted many domestic and foreign visitors come here and experience.

Unlike the quiet beauty of Dalat city dream, everything starts and ends in a very slow day. Then the game over the waterfall will bring to you

Unlike the quiet beauty of Dalat city dream, everything starts and ends in a very slow day. Then the game over the bridge waterfall will give you the feeling completely new. They are different from the words that people compare to this city is the city of romance. Dalat canyoning like blowing a fresh breeze, bringing young, passionate adventure to this land.

What should you do and should not wear when Canyoning in Dalat?

When the "jump over the waterfall", you should equip yourself with the following tools:

  • An easy-to-wear suit and clean clothes to replace after experiencing great activities.
  • Bring a sunscreen
  • Choose shoes that are suitable for all terrains or can choose climbing shoes to experience the "swing of the waterfall" advantage.
  • Equipped with protective equipment such as hats, molds, fingerprints, gear reducer, ...
  • Carry a waterproof camera to capture great moments.

Also, to avoid unintended situations:

  • Do not bring money, phone or expensive jewelry.
  • Do not wear sunglasses or hats.

There are great moments with

There are great moments with "teammates"

What is the cost of this adventure game?

The cost for a full "dalat canyoning" tour includes: hiring guides, transportation fees, security equipment, entrance fees, lunch, drinks, picnics, travel insurance, etc. Experience the meaning will not be lack of laughter, sharing and unity of the members of the delegation.

Speaking of Da Lat, it is said that the sad streets, lakeside dreaming. But why do not you refresh yourself, win yourself with the adventure game here. Please contact us immediately to book "Dalat Canyoning" in our Canyoning Dalat tours.

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